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Broken Stone Circle is the second book project by the author Klaus Peter Wagner, following Santaklaus - Quadrology of Love. Much like in the previous books, love and the harmonious connectedness across all social strata are the central theme. The book is a collection of 80 illustrated short stories. The name is based on a historical, 200-year-old millstone at Kolmgut in Prambachkirchen (Austria). Many years ago, the millstone was used to break open the grain. Draft animals would drag the stone in a circle, crushing the grain in its stone groove. After almost 100 years of use, in the end the huge millstone was replaced by an electric machine. The old mill had become obsolete and was dismantled. In the process, the heavy millstone broke into four parts. They were deposited next to the barn and had been forgotten for decades. Only in 2015, when a flower meadow with a power spot was erected at Kolmgut, did people remember the old millstone, which is now in the center of the place of power, emanating its vibrations into the environment. With the graphic design, this phenomenon has been successfully implemented in the book project, similar to the fundamental principles of the golden ratio. Biosensory measurements ensure the optimum balance and harmony of the project. From a philosophical perspective, this book is meant to support the reader in being more perceptive in daily life and thus in staying young. Please enjoy the Broken Stone Circle, and welcome to my website ... ... KPW


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