Marry Me? How to Make Him pop the Question


Sharon D. Shire


Marry Me? How to Make Him pop the Question - Bookrepublic

Marry Me? How to Make Him pop the Question


Sharon D. Shire



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Can you roughly estimate the length of time you have spent with your boyfriend?

Some women have been in a relationship for 5 to 10 years. This is sometimes caused by fear of losing the tall, handsome young man you have met. You may have been alone long before you met him, and now you are afraid of returning to loneliness when you leave him.

You think of the sweet words that whisper in your ears when you are together. You remember the care and attention it gives you. He lifts you up when you feel emotionally exhausted and when you express your feelings to him, he listens to you. You remember how he led you around the world for "7" days and all the incredible memories you had together. Not to mention the explosive orgasmic sex sections you have together.

With all of these seemingly good relationships, the guy still doesn't introduce you.

But there are those whose relationships have been violent and turbulent, and yet it is so difficult for the lady to leave the man. Neighbors often break doors to separate battles, but the lady refuses to stay.

It is bothersome and annoying. The question is: why is it like this?

Taking a flashback, it has been many years now. You have spent most of your life with him and start to imagine social guilt and shame. You see yourself as a 100% loser if you have to have chicken after these donkey years.

You even welcomed a baby and gave birth while you were living together. Some even have one, two, or three children with no obligation to marry. It became a question between and between. You cannot go forward or backward. This has become a dilemma for men and women.
True love is an incredible experience. When two people meet and care about each other, a spark of transformation appears. They want to do themselves a favor. They want to support each other. After finding you who deserves character and value, your spouse will introduce you soon. Then you marry the love of your life and live the kind of relationship you've always dreamed of.

A family member was in this mess. Today she had 3 children together. The "man" said that she often complained, cried, and got angry easily. He complained about the lack of peace in his life and his family since he came into contact with her. On the other hand, his "wife" insisted that she had been used and abused and therefore could not let him drop her and marry another woman. At this point, the emphasis has even shifted from marriage to the education of children from cohabitation.

How can you get your husband to commit even if he thinks he is not ready for marriage?

You have to develop a perfect character. Are you open? Are you nice Are you considerate Are you a charity Are you available? You must be a confident woman.

Nowadays, there is no free lunch anywhere. You must be a hard-working woman. Are you employed? Are you an entrepreneur? How much do you bring If you want to be the woman that the quick men represent you, you must be able to contribute to the national economy. Gone are the days when women are irresponsible!

You must be inspiring. It is not only a question of financially supporting your partner, but also of encouraging him to reach his objectives. You advise him when he asks you to. Above all, make sure he enjoys peace when you are together.

When you show these traits, men would fall on themselves to get close and commit to you. They will present themselves to you desperately for marriage. You are the one who qualifies them and make the choice. The challenge you face than would be to be able to choose the right partner among them for you


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