The Secret of Secrets ( How to turn on the bright Light ) 2 Part


Uncle Max

Uncle Max

The Secret of Secrets  ( How to turn on the bright Light )  2 Part - Bookrepublic

The Secret of Secrets ( How to turn on the bright Light ) 2 Part


Uncle Max

Uncle Max


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This is the second and final part of the interview to Uncle Max, in which the mystic reveals and explains the methods, and gives to the world an incredible, but real key to achieve the Secret of Secrets. By virtue of this new vibration, which will change the destiny of the suffering planet Earth, the “world's Uncle” gives us, from the alterlife, the unknown formula to have the experience of “the endogenus medicine of Light”, that is, the knowledge of mystics, wizards and poets. Uncle Max gives it to us, in order to make it become an awareness common to everybody, or, as he verbatim argues: “This secret is destroying the world and it mustn't remain such anymore!! I ardently whish that this real experience with its relative explanation will become Evolutive Heritage of Humanity in a brief time. I want this to become a global awareness! This knowledge- medicine belongs to you since birth, and it is not the interests of no one, but rather, it supports the emancipation of everybody, rich, poors, blacks or whites that they are. Uncle Max wanted to be anonymous not to create useless myths and in order to focalize our attention only to his message, to his easy but incredible testament. He wrote it in this elementary form, in order to make it accessible to everybody. In this way, he made this testament easily translatable. “If you know all the books in the world you don't possess your Soul, but if you see the bright Light you have written all the books of the World” “Altough it seems to be impossible, this is the only natural way to solve definitively every limitation, anxiety or panic. Don't you suffer uselessly, join my world ! Uncle Max.


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