The Art of Money Getting


P.t. Barnum

P.t. Barnum

The Art of Money Getting - Bookrepublic

The Art of Money Getting


P.t. Barnum

P.t. Barnum


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This book published in 1880 provides valuable lessons on how to get and keep Money, building a wealth future for oneself and his/her Family. We all know PT Barnum for this circus. In fact, Phineas Taylor Barnum (born in Bethel, Connecticut, USA, on July 5, 1810) is best known by being one of the founders of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, which, in 1919, merged with the Ringling Brothers Circus, creating the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, a company that markets itself as The Greatest Show on Earth. He a businessman most active in the sector of entertainment, but he has been also an author, a publisher, a philanthropist and a politician. This book shares some insight on his thinking, presenting his philosophy of life, work, wealth and society. It provides a good advice, perhaps not new for yourself, but interesting and valuable in many ways. The book is over 100 years old and it still applies today. At the age of 19, Barnum married Charity Hallett. In his early twenties, he was busy with a general store, a book auctioning trade, real estate speculation, and a statewide lottery network. He also became active in local politics and positioned himself against laws that sought to restrict gambling and travel. Barnum started a weekly paper in 1829, The Herald of Freedom, in Danbury, Connecticut. In 1834, the state banned lotteries, cutting off his main income, and then Barnum moved to New York City. There he entered on the Show Business with a variety troupe called "Barnum's Grand Scientific and Musical Theater". One of his exhibitions consisted of a blind and paralyzed slave woman, Joice Heth, who he claimed to have been George Washington's nurse and to be over 160 years old. Later on, he purchased the Scudder's American Museum, located at Ann Street with Broadway, and renamed it as Barnum's American Museum, where the presented the public with attractions such as the Feejee mermaid (a creature with the head of a monkey and the tail of a fish). Other attraction was the dwarf General Tom Thumb (The Smallest Person that ever Walked Alone"), which was actually Charles Stratton, a four-year old boy that was stated to be 11 and could be taught to make impressions, drinking wine and smoking cigars. As a Republican politician, he served for two legislatures in Connecticut. He unsuccessfully ran for the United States Congress in 1867. In 1875, he was elected as Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Barnum wrote several books, including Life of P.T. Barnum (1854), The Humbugs of the World (1865), Struggles and Triumphs (1869) and The Art of Money-Getting (1880). He probably believed that the mass publication of his autobiography was a great method of self-promotion, something in which he was a master.


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