Remembered Desires


E.r.o. Scott

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Remembered Desires


E.r.o. Scott

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION My daughter wants to go down on me; to lick and suck and “eat” my pussy! she realized. Carrie was almost in a state of shock over what she and her daughter intended to do. So taboo! So condemned by regular society! But, yes, she wanted it to happen, wrong or not. She was so excited she felt lightheaded. Oh yes! She was so ready to feel Caitlin’s mouth on her pussy and all the pleasure to follow. Oh yes! Mom was so ready to feel her daughter’s mouth on her pussy and all the pleasure that would follow, and later to do the same for her daughter. EXCERPT “And did you, uh, did you enjoy it, baby, making love to a woman?” Her mother's question refocused Caitlin's mind. “Uh-huh. Still am. She's my present roommate at college.” “I see,” her mother answered while giving Caitlin an appraising look. “And you, Mom? Have you ever… you know, made love to a woman?” With that, Caitlin held her breath. “Well… to tell the truth, Caitlin, yes, I have.” She hurried on to explain. “It, too, was while I was in college. It, uh, well it lasted two years.” Caitlin saw her mother's nipples become erect under the sheer fabric of the nightie. She also saw a sexual blush appear on her mother's neck and upper chest. “Two years? Then I guess it's safe to assume that you enjoyed it… making love to a woman?” Carrie swallowed dryly then took a slightly shuddering breath. She nodded. “Yes, dear, I enjoyed it very much. I just haven't thought about it for years. Well… not too much, anyway.” Carrie gave her daughter a small smile. “And, Caitlin, I just want to say, looking at you all fresh out of the shower, well, you, too, look good enough to eat.” Carrie's body was tingling with anticipation. Why was she coming on to her daughter? Hell, why was her daughter coming on to her? Maybe because they both liked sex… a lot. At least she assumed Caitlin did. And maybe because they were both bi-sexual… or…. “Are you a lesbian, Caitlin?” Carrie asked curiously. Caitlin gave a little chuckle. “No, to the disappointment of my lesbian lover. She calls me a 'dedicated bi-sexual.' Yeah. I still like…” she paused, “fucking boys as much as I do fucking girls.” Caitlin's body was trembling now, with anticipation. Was something going to happen, or not?



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