The Pilgrims Progress


E.r.o. Scott

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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The Pilgrims Progress


E.r.o. Scott

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION For the first five years of his life Tim had never seen his fraternal twin sister, Traci, nor his mother, Susan. After he was five, he spend a total of three weeks a year with them. Now he was living with them going to college. The problem was that he could only see them as the beautiful, sexual women that they were, not as his mother and sister. One day, while secretly observing his mother sun bathing nude—and masturbating—Tim's sister walks in on him. Much to Tim's surprise, rather than run screaming from the room, Traci performs oral sex on him. The action only gets hotter after that, until all three of them—mother, son, and daughter—end up in bed together. EXCERPT “How long has Mom been out there,” she nodded towards the open window. “I’m not sure. I got here fifteen to twenty minutes ago and she was already there. Why?” “We don’t have much time then, but maybe enough. Keep an eye on her and tell me if she gets up or looks like she’s ready to come in.” “What?” Tim asked. He was confused, but not for long, as he watched his sister drop to her knees and immediately slipped her mouth over his cock and begin sucking, bobbing her head up and down on it. “Holy shit!” Tim exclaimed as his sister’s mouth enveloped his dick. It felt so good. Her mouth felt silky smooth soft, as well as being wet and warm. Tim was so shocked at what his sister was doing—without him even asking her to—that for a few seconds his brain was frozen. But that was just for a few seconds. As the reality that his hot twin sister was really giving him a blow job, his brain became so overloaded with excitement that he almost felt dizzy. Traci, with her mouth still working Tim’s cock, used her eyes to indicate that he should be watching their mother in the back yard and not watching her sucking him off. Tim saw that their mother was now on her right side with her legs scissored open and her left arm up over her head to maximize the sun exposure to the left side of her body and legs. Traci took her mouth off her brother’s cock, “She move yet?” “She turned onto her right side just a few seconds ago.” Traci nodded then continued sucking her brother’s cock. She thought it was a nice cock. It wasn’t too long, but long enough, and it had a nice thickness to it. It was straight and angled up just a bit from Tim’s body. And the glans, now fully engorged with blood, with its firm coronal ridge, was a well-shaped little helmet that wasn’t so little. She wondered how it would feel fucking her. That thought thrilled her because she knew, now, that she would find out before too long. “Ahh! Traci! God I’m going to come,” Tim warned his sister in a hissing whisper. Watching his nude mother in the back yard, taking sneak peeks at his sister’s lips stretched around his cock and sliding up and down on it, and the fact that it was his sister that was sucking his cock, brought Ted to the edge of orgasm very quickly.



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