Holiday Bonding


Surely Wilder


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Holiday Bonding


Surely Wilder



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DESCRIPTION Jessy’s family has kinky way of bonding during the holidays, and they want to include Jessy! When she spends family night playing a new kind of strip poker, Jessy quickly discovers the taboo boundaries her mother and brother are willing to cross. Watching her family’s incestuous passions, Jessy can’t help but wonder if Daddy might be willing to teach her the bliss of their special holiday bonding. EXCERPT “Dad’s going to see my tits mom.” I offered as a final protest. “Yes dear, and your brother is very likely going to see mine.” She smiled and nodded at Aaron. I looked at Dad and he was obviously enjoying the tension. “Fine,” I blurted out as I took my robe off and turned so my family could see my erect nipples poking through the flimsy material of my nightgown. I was amazed as mom, dad, and my brother soaked in my c cup charms with huge smiles and looks of appreciation. “You seem to take after your mother, dear.” Daddy praised. That was indeed a compliment because even though mom was near forty, she did have a lovely rack that often turned heads when we walked into a room together. She was a double-d though because of nursing and age and I had a while to go before I would be as full as her. “Thank you,” I smiled at him and I felt my nipples becoming even harder as I took another sip of my drink and saw his eyes rake over my chest. The liquor was definitely starting to relax me, and I started enjoying the way my father and brother were looking at me. They weren’t hiding their looks now as they stared brazenly at my breasts. Well, that was fine, I was going to make them both pay. I looked down and both of them had clear tents now, and they were both huge. Shit, this was starting to become fun in a strange way. “Dear, are you cold, we could put another log on the fire?” Mom asked as she too noticed my perky nipples. “No mom, I’m not cold.” I wasn’t cold at all. I needed a log for the fire that was beginning to kindle inside of me, problem was; there were only family logs available.



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