Daddy's Secret


Lily Weidner

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Daddy's Secret


Lily Weidner

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Looking to escape the heat, Sydney plans to spend her afternoon enjoying the backyard pool. When Daddy’s eyes can’t seem to stop staring at her sexy and barely clothed body, she begins to wonder about her Daddy’s secret desires. With a curiosity toward father daughter sex, will Sydney find a naked swim in the pool the start of something much hotter and taboo? EXCERPT “Sweetie—” Ross let his words trail off, not sure how to respond to his daughter’s statement. She enjoys watching me swim? Why would she say something like that? What’s so enjoyable about watching me in the pool? Sighing from the questions running through his mind, Ross debated staying in the pool. Swimming had left him tired, but the cool water provided a much needed distraction. With his daughter’s eyes on him though, the distraction was turning more and more into a sexual diversion. Glancing upwards, Ross found himself eye level with his daughter’s crotch. The sight almost made him moan out loud. Fuck, I can see up her skirt! Daddy’s looking at me like that again. What’s he staring at? Curious, Sydney suddenly found her mind racing with a disturbing thought. Could Daddy be looking at my body? Checking me out? Biting her lip, Sydney found herself getting aroused from the idea. If her Daddy really was checking her out, she was determined to give him a good view to make sure. Spreading her legs a little wider, Sydney playfully set her glass between her legs. Carefully eyeing her father, she found him following where her hands came to rest. Oh my God! Daddy is checking me out! Seeing her father about to resume his swim, Sydney fought to quickly keep his interest. “Hey Daddy! Do you really want me to join you in the pool?” Clearing his throat, Ross found himself struggling to recall his daughter’s words long enough to answer them. “Sure, sweetie. You know you can always hop in.”



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