Daddy's Desire


Lily Weidner

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Daddy's Desire


Lily Weidner

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION After losing her virginity to her father, Colette finds herself becoming the object of Daddy’s desire. Introduced to a world of public discipline, family threesomes, and lesbian sex, Colette is on her way to being Daddy’s submissive. Wanting to make her father proud, will Colette soon find Daddy’s taboo tastes include impregnating fertile body? EXCERPT Surprised by his daughter’s desire to please him, Ryan allowed his body to fall against the wall. Sitting on the floor, Ryan found his head spinning. God, why does she want to do this right now? I’ve been working her up to this for so long! What brought this on? Distracted by his daughter suddenly climbing into his lap, Ryan pulled her slim body closer. “Yes, little one. This does make Daddy very happy.” Feeling her father’s hands along her waist, Colette found a blush creeping across her face. “I’m glad, Daddy. Hey Daddy, will you kiss me like before? You know, on my mouth?” Colette began grinding her body against her father’s lap, hoping her request would be answered the more enticing she seemed. “Please Daddy, I really like it when you kiss me like that. Your kisses always seem to make us both feel good.” Ryan pulled his daughter’s mouth to his own, quickly giving into the desires he’d been holding back for years. Hearing his daughter’s soft moan as his tongue dipped into her mouth, Ryan’s hand worked down beyond the waistband of his daughter’s skirt. “Mmm, little one. You taste good for Daddy. You don’t mind if Daddy touches you now, do you sweetie?” Shaking her head, Colette found her Daddy’s kisses intoxicating. Grinding harder against her father’s hand, Colette moaned directly into Ryan’s ear. “Ohhhh Daddy, no. Th-that feels so nice. I think I’d really like it if you kept touching me.” Daddy did this once before, but it never felt this good! I hope Daddy doesn’t stop. Unsure of how to encourage her father’s touch, Colette continued to press her body insistently against her father’s. “That’s Daddy’s good girl. You want this, don’t you? My little girl wants Daddy to touch her where it feels good.” Ryan heard another brief moan from his daughter, as she struggled to find the right words. “Shhh, that’s okay sweetie. Just let Daddy make you feel good.” Without further prompting from his daughter, Ryan worked his fingers into his daughter’s panties surprised by their wetness.



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