Hot, Wet MOM


Lily Weidner

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Hot, Wet MOM


Lily Weidner

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Ivy’s always wanted to add a little spice to her sex life. Never suspecting her husband would make her fantasies for mother son sex come true, Ivy’s soon lost to her seductive son. Intent on satisfying his desires, this naughty mom soon discovers her horny son intends on impregnating her! With their family vacation just getting started, will Ivy be able to comply with her dominate son’s demands? EXCERPT A quick shake of the head was all it took from Karl to silence his wife’s concerns. “Come here, that’s right… just get comfortable. Be a good girl and you’ll enjoy this.” Ivy groaned, as she sat down in her husband’s lap. As she suspected he was fully aroused, and his hard cock drew out an instinctual urge within herself. Trying to ignore that urge, she still pressed her backside firmly against Karl’s lap before relaxing. “Karl… I really just don’t know. I want to be good though. I do want to still please you it’s just… our son. Should he really be involved in our sex life?” Shaking her head, Ivy tilted her head back as her husband’s hand returned between her legs. “Mmm, God… that feels so good though.” Smirking from the deep moan from his wife, Karl whispered down into her ear. “Just relax, sweetheart. Let me get you all worked up for Rick.” When he felt his wife’s head nod against his chest, Karl realized his wife would be easy to prompt into making their combined fantasy reality. “He’s watching me touch you… you know that don’t you? Why don’t you look at him? Don’t you want to watch our son grow aroused from hearing and watching me do this to you?” “I-I don’t know what I want anymore.” The words left Ivy’s mouth before she even processed them. All that ran through her mind now was the way her son’s eyes seemed to seek out her soul. It’s like he knows my fantasies too. The way he looks at me… that’s not how a son looks at his mother. Oh fuuuuck! My son is looking at me how a man looks at a woman.



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