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Table of Contents

How to Balance Glass on Playing Card

How 'Spirit Trick' Is Performed With Names Written in Squares

How to Transfer a Coin From One Hand to Another

How to Tell Card Taken From Pack by Trick 'Spirit Writing*

How to Dip Hand Into Water and Take It Out Dry

Trouble to Spin an Egg Magician Lindhorst's Method

How to Remove Dime Under Glass Without Touching Either

Magician Tells How to Hang Hat on Wall Without Nail or Hook

How to Invert Glass of Water Without Spilling It

How to Tell in Which Hand Coin Is Concealed

How to Fill Glass Twice Without Emptying First Contents

Tells How to Blow Candle Out Through Bottle

Here's How You Can Add Five Matches to Six and Make Nine

Magician Tells How to Change Pack of Cards from Black to Red

Trick of Unsmashable Match Box

Trick of Swallowing a Knife

Magician Tells How Ringand Cord Trick Is Worked

Three Matches Can Be Lifted With One

How to Make a Dime Disappear
How You Can Smoke a Pipe Without Lighting It

Magician Tells How to Grasp Two Corks Between Fingers

How to Make an Ace Disappear in Deck

Taking a Coin from Under a Hat Without Touching Hat—Yourself

Magician Explains How to Change Playing Card Into Box of Matches

How to Balance Two Coins Between Your Fingers

Rubber Sponge Used to Perform Magic in Hand of Spectator

Tells How to Find a Selected Card in a Pack

Magician Breaks Stick Held Up By Paper Suspended on Knives

Clever Trick Performed With Ordinary Ruler

How to Get Water Into Glass When It Is Held Upside Down

Walking Hair Pin Trick Is Done With Knife and Quiver of Hand

Magician Makes a Cane Dance Apparently Without Support

How to Pick Up Five Bricks With One Hand Explained by Magician

Paper Placed Over Board Defies Attempt to Move It With Blow

How to Write Spectator's Initial on Cube and Then Make Letter Appear in

How To Make Needle Float in Glass of Water

Tiny Card Standing on Edge Defies Effort to Blow It Over
Tells How to Make a Boomerang Circle Room and Land at the Feet

The Magic Egg, a Clever Trick

How to Light Candle Without Touching Flame to Its Wick

How to Knock a Card Through Table

How to Get a Loose Cork Out of Bottle Without Touching Either

How to Break Pencil With Dollar Bill

Did You Know That a Child Can Step Through a Playing Card?

Thread Supporting a Ring Can Be Burned but Still Hold It Suspended

Mysterious No. 3 Almost Always Chosen From List Marked 1,2,3, 4

How to Fill a Tobacco Can Twice Without Emptying First Contents

Card Can Be Taken From Under Quarter Without Moving the Coin

It's Easy to Make a Dime on Plate Vanish, Then Find It Underneath

How to Place Spoon in a Glass Without Touching Either

Foretelling the Ending Numbers in a Domino Game Is Simple Trick

How to Perform Trick of the Mesmerized Ring

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