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Home Based Business Day Care A day care in your home may be a great way for you to start a home based business. In this business, you will be caring for children of your clients. This includes playing with them, keeping them safe, and sometimes offering a bit of education, too. This type of business can be very successful if you love children and are passionate about caring for them. There are some very strict laws in place regarding this type of business, so you will need to do some additional local research before getting started. Who Is Right For This Job? A home based business day care is a good fit for many. You have to love children and have lots of patience for them. You also need to have a home that can accommodate the children in a safe way. Having an outdoor, fenced in yard can also be helpful. You may already have children and watching one or two more may not be a big problem. Still, you do have to keep in mind a few specifics. Most cities and states do monitor in home day care facilities to ensure the children are being cared for properly and that one adult is not watching too many children. These numbers change widely based on local laws. In addition to this, the state may wish to inspect your home to ensure that you can provide a quality home that is safe and secure for the children you watch. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but in fact it does not need to be. If you have experience working with children, such as in a school setting, you may be a great fit for this business. Keep in mind that you are likely to need to show others that you are capable of providing quality service for their children. You may need to provide them with references and a background check. A home based day care is a big undertaking. You can work the hours you want (as long as you have clients for that time.) You will need to market your services locally. If you are willing to take on children with special needs, such as learning disabilities or handicaps, you may have a bigger pool of children but you may also need specialized training. This is a rewarding home business. For many, it is the best way to truly give back to the community, too.


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