Family Sex Trade


R. Richard

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Family Sex Trade


R. Richard

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Paula and Paul spent their whole lives together—and now they’re ready for more! After discovering a website will pay them for raunchy photos, this naughty brother and sister pair decide to make every dollar they can. As Paula strips in front of her brother, she becomes hot and irresistible. Will this brother and sister create the ultimate taboo and leave video evidence? EXCERPT “Sis, we aren't talking art nudes here, the guy wants shaved pussies and legs spread wide type of thing. It aint gonna be only your gynecologist who knows for sure.” Sis lectures, “Brother dear, it's show it or sell it and I mean sell it cheap.” I point out, “Sis, you're one of the two girls who can still sell topless photos. You really don't need to do nude just yet.” Sis sighs and lectures me, “Brother dear, if I don't do nude, the other girls won't do nude. If the girls won't do nude, you can't put food on the table. It's show snatch or starve.” Sis starts out her sequence of nude photos with a sheer blouse, micro-mini skirt, garter belt, dark nylons and stiletto heels (no panties.) She then opens the blouse, and poses her tits as if to say, “Waddaya think of these, boys?” She then tosses the blouse and poses with the skirt down below her shaved pussy, with her legs together. She then tosses the skirt and poses, facing the camera, with her hands under her tits and her legs spread. She then removes the garter belt and poses, sitting on a bench, with her legs wide spread and the garter belt draped over her shoulder. She then poses with her fingers pulling her pussy lips apart. She then poses with one nylon stocking casually draped over her shoulder. She then poses, wearing just her shoes, with her hands pushing up her tits and her legs spread wide. She then puts her micro-mini skirt back on and poses with the front of the skirt pulled up to display her shaved pussy. Sis then gets a dildo, from somewhere. She poses, with the dildo in her mouth and her legs spread wide. She then poses, with legs spread wide, obviously about to shove the dildo up her shaved pussy. The final pose is with Sis leaning over the bench, showing her pussy and ass hole, obviously about to shove a dildo up her ass hole. As soon as the shoot is finished, Sis scampers off and puts on a bathrobe. I process the images of Sis, that I took, and then send them off to the guy in Australia. I then find Sis, in the kitchen, crying. I ask her, “What's wrong, Sis?” Sis tells me, “I can't believe what I just did.” I tell her, “Sis, as you know, I make just about enough money to keep us going. This Australian business will maybe make enough for us to relocate somewhere where we can make a real living. You don't have to show yourself nude, but, if you don't, likely you'll have to sell your nude self to men for very little money. Which is worse?”



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