Incest Society


R. Richard

R. Richard

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Incest Society


R. Richard

R. Richard


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DESCRIPTION Five families have managed to keep their incestuous traditions a secret for generations. After their boss threatens their quiet existence though, all bets are off. Enlisting the help of their sexy, naughty daughters, they plan to fire their boss! What they need now is a man to step up. The five families need a leader, and what will happen when a man decides to join this incestuous society? EXCERPT I’m sitting on a couch with my sister. For financial reasons, I have not really had any social interaction with girls since the drunk murdered my parents. Thus, I’m really not sure how to proceed in the current situation. Sis says, “Now, you start by sliding your hand in and gently cupping my breast. That’s it. Now, you use your thumb around my nipple.” I do as I'm told. I can feel my sister respond and I feel her nipple come erect. I work on my feeling of her tit until I get it right. I then slide my hand down and find that she's unbuttoned the last two buttons of her blouse and I can slide my fingers down inside her panties. My sister directs me as to exactly how to finger her pussy, for maximum effect. It turns out that a girl’s pussy is a bit more complicated than I thought. However, with my sister’s coaching, I manage to rub just where and how much is needed and then I get my finger inside my sister's pussy! My sister then moans, “Fuck me, Jim! Fuuuuck me!” I lift my sister’s ass off the couch and slide her panties down. Sis kicks off her panties. I then set her back on the couch and take off my clothes. My rather large cock springs out. Sis says, “Omigod, that thing is huge!” I kneel in front of my sister and slide my large cock into a tight, wet pussy. Once I’m inside her, I forget about everything but the pussy that I’m fucking. My sister’s pussy is tight, but wet enough that I can get deep into it. The friction is exciting and I can feel her internal muscles clamping on my driving cock. I'm too strong to be bothered by internal girl muscles and I continue to stroke deep and hard. I take my time and savor each and every stroke. Unfortunately, I can feel myself becoming too excited, way too soon. I then pump my cum into Jan’s waiting pussy as she climaxes noisily. It seems like I’ll never stop coming, but I finally do. I then get up and sit beside my sister. I can hear and feel her heavy breathing. I ask, “Are you okay?” Sis says, “Omigod! I knew you were strong, but not how strong. You shoved that big thing inside me until I thought it would go up into my throat.” I say, “I wanted it so much. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was.” Sis says, “A year ago, if I had to screw my own brother I would have flipped out. However, it turned out to be really nice. However, you must have dumped a pint of cum inside me. I need to get cleaned up.”



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