My Sister's Date


R. Richard

Lot's Cave, Inc.

My Sister's Date - Bookrepublic

My Sister's Date


R. Richard

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Dinah has always been a bit innocent, so she can hardly believe receiving an invitation for a nude ball. Soon though her brother reveals a secret—she’s going to strip down as the night’s entertainment! Unaware of how to display herself, Dinah gives her brother a show. A lesson in stripping is just what the two of them need to cross the boundary and indulge in some much needed incestuous pleasure! EXCERPT Dinah swallows and says, “I not only have to get naked, I have to be a damn stripper?” I lecture, “The rest of the girls, at the fuckathon. will be naked. My sister will be nude. You'll strip, to nude and reveal maybe a French bra, a garter belt and nylons.” Dinah snaps at me, “Jim, the girls wear pantyhose, not... Omigod! I'm gonna strip, but leave a few little lacy things on. I'm gonna be the belle of the nude ball.” “I watched a stripper, in San Francisco, during a business trip. The rest of the little naked girls danced and wiggled their pussies. The stripper came on and stripped down to just a garter belt, a garter on one leg and shoes. Later, she came back with just a garter belt, a tiny little panty and shoes. One of the clods in the audience asked her, 'Where's the garter?' The stripper told him, 'A real stud got the garter and the panty is to control drippage.'” Dinah gasps, “You mean that the whore sold herself and then bragged about it?” I sigh, “The stripper sold just what the other girls were selling. However, the guy who got the garter wore it on his suit sleeve and he was the king stud, for the night. The stripper owned the room that night.” Dinah thinks for a moment and then says, “Yeah! However, a girl here isn't gonna get $100 for a garter. But she just might get the guy who gets the garter.” I tell my sister, “Plan ahead. However, you strip now!” Dinah begins to kind of prance around the room. She takes off her blouse.” I tell her, “No, you tease off the blouse, to reveal a lace French bra.” Dinah, then shifts mental gears. She puts the blouse back on and then teases it off, revealing and concealing, telling me, “Now you get to see my sexy French bra!” (She's actually wearing a much plainer, regular bra.) I take off my shirt and say, “Take it off!” Dinah then does the double jointed thing that a woman does to unhook her bra. She then flirts the cups to reveal one nipple at a time. Finally she removes her bra and then uses the bra to push up her firm young tits. She then discards her bra. Still prancing around the room, my sister then unhooks and unzips her skirt. She then lowers and raises the skirt, teasing me. Finally she drops the skirt to reveal sheer to the waist pantyhose. She sort of pants out, “Take me now, or I drip all over your floor.” She then slides off the pantyhose and jumps on my bed and rolls over into doggie position.



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