Daddy, You're So Hard!


Tiffany Meat

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Daddy, You're So Hard! - Bookrepublic

Daddy, You're So Hard!


Tiffany Meat

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Mindy never did behave herself. Now Daddy’s tired of his little girl’s teasing! Looking to punish his daughter, Daddy soon tests the limits of her body. Taking her hard and rough Daddy’s little girl is soon discovering the blissful consequences to her tempting ways. When Daddy’s desire for more spirals toward the animalistic, will Mindy discover her Daddy is capable of more than she ever imagined? EXCERPT I put the panties and sweater atop the laundry bin in the bathroom and walk towards the door. I was wondering what could be so important that daddy had to talk to me tonight. “Hiya daddy! What’s up?” Daddy smiled at me and stepped inside. He grabbed hold of the door knob and closed and locked my door. He turned to me and suddenly, I knew there was something wrong. “Um, daddy, why did you lock my door?” Daddy looked at my eyes then down towards my exposed body. in my haste to open the door, I forgot to throw on a shirt and was standing before my father clad only in my training bras and black lace panties. “The conversation we had just now made me realize that we’ve never had a talk about the birds and the bees. I imagine your mother talked to you about sex, or at least, I assume that she has, but having a woman tells you about the facts of life aren’t the same as a man.” Daddy paused and was blushing again. Unlike earlier, when I thought he was cute, this time, the fact that I was locked inside my bedroom with my father and being partly nude made me realize that perhaps I shouldn’t have shown him my killer butt. “It’s ok daddy, I know about the sex stuff, but you don’t have to worry about me.” I laughed but it wasn’t a happy or flirtatious laugh; it was one a girl who’s nervous about her chastity makes and right then and there, I was sure nervous about my virginity. Daddy didn’t say or do anything; it was just a gut feeling; the way he kept staring at my body and the bulge in his crotch that I had just noticed. “You may think that it’s ok, sweetheart, but you don’t know men like I do; I am a man, after all. Most men will say anything just to be with you; to feel your young body and take from you what is most precious in the world; your virginity.” Daddy had by this time seriously started to creep me out. I crossed my petite arms over my tiny tits and crossed my legs nervously.



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