Mom Screams for Mercy


Tiffany Meat

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Mom Screams for Mercy - Bookrepublic

Mom Screams for Mercy


Tiffany Meat

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Nothing has ever been as appealing to Tommy as his mother. Burning with a lustful need for the taboo, will Tommy finally get the answers he craves? Little did Tommy know, his mother is secretly willing to do anything he desires. Pushing the boundaries of what she can handle, Tommy’s mother is soon exposed to dirty acts of mother son incest. How far will one mother go to please her loving son? EXCERPT Everybody fucks. And I do mean everybody. It’s a fact that mom and dad had to have fucked to have had me, right? Thinking about fucking my mother reminded me of just how fucked up I turned out to be. When mom turned around to continue vacuuming the house, all I could think of was how awesome her ass looked. I would so do her ass. Shove my throbbing ‘John Henry’ past her tight little bunghole and then tear that loving ass apart and then pull out, watching as a never ending the stream of cum leaks out and finally show her how much I love her by urinating all over her upturned butt. Yeah, I do love mommy. Her blond hair pulled into a ponytail, generous tits with erect nipples and her use of skimpy bikini panties that showed through her yoga pants never failed to get me hard. Mommy was begging to get fucked. My whore mother was tempting me, her flesh and blood son, to impregnate her and then tie her up and whip the living shit out of her. Family loving the right way; the painful way. The sight of her generously wide hips and how they moved was making me wonder if today would be the day I take her; the way a son should take his mother.



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