Punished Hard by Daddy


Tiffany Meat

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Punished Hard by Daddy


Tiffany Meat

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Brandi’s father was famous. As a doctor, he knew every pleasurable spot on a woman’s body. Daddy’s wanted his princess for years, but Brandi always denied him. After an exploitation of her Daddy’s forbidden kinks, Brandi might just change her mind. Soon Daddy’s princess can only surrender to Daddy’s blissful skills. Will Daddy teach his daughter a valuable lesson after refusing him for so long? EXCERPT He was in a conference call with his senior nurse and another doctor from his practice, when I walked by his office (he kept the huge foyer of our mansion as his office away from the office) dressed only in my skimpy pink bikini panty and push up lace bra. I smiled at him, waving with my right hand vigorously enough to make sure my firm tits and pointy nipples defied the laws of gravity and shook my head, tossing my strawberry blond hair to and fro. If he was going to keep ignoring me, I was going to show him what he was missing. “Brandi! Will you step into my office now!” Ooops. ‘No sweetheart, no please’ on his part? I guess my plan worked after all. The head of the house, the man who reared me was going to have a word with me over my salacious outfit. Good, I am so wet. Jogging back to his office, I saw that he was still involved with his conference call. He lifted his right forefinger to let me know he would be with me shortly. His eyes didn’t stray from my bra or camel toe (I made sure to wear extra tight bikini panties). I just stood there, legs spread apart slightly, hands behind my back, playfully twisting my torso back and forth. I was really cock teasing him, but then again, that was my plan; get him to pay attention to me. After a short while, ‘daddy’ finished his call and beckoned for me to stand next to him, on his right. I did so, my pussy getting so wet and my nipples threatening to tear a hole in my frilly lace push up bra. Maybe he would finger me while I stroked his cock? That would so rock! “Brandi, first of all, good morning, I’m glad to see you’re in a good mood.” He stared at my nipples while talking to me.



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