Alphabet Minis 4


Kelly Addams

PMO Publishing

Alphabet Minis 4 - Bookrepublic

Alphabet Minis 4


Kelly Addams

PMO Publishing


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In this edition of Alphabet Minis: ..

M is for Mary. .. Mary finds herself propositioned by an African dictator... give him what he wants, or watch her loving and decidedly naive husband thrown into prison on a technicality. It's clear what she has to do... the problem is she will be trying bbc for the very first time, and she might just find she enjoys the experience!

N is for Nadia. .. The Alphabet Minis series continues as we meet “Mail Order Bride” Nadia, a stunning young blue eyed blonde who finds herself whisked from her Latvian home to be married to a German millionaire over 40 years her senior. And everything has been going well, she wants for nothing, he is kind... & compared to his friends, Thomas isn't that kinky... or so she thinks! But Nadia is in for a big surprise!

O is for Olivia. .. Olivia feels like a doormat, and taken for granted by her husband and kids, like her only purpose in life is to wash and iron, cook and clean! But then Olivia watches a daytime chat show, and the feisty host sets the seeds of rebellion in her mind, so downtrodden Olivia decides it's time to make deeply buried erotic fantasy into naughty fact!

P is for Penny. .. Meet Penny, a young, bored and very frustrated housewife living in Spain, where, due to the language barrier feels even more isolated when her husband goes off to work and leaves her alone, that is until by accident she finds herself being admired naked by her neighbour... suddenly she has an interest, a game that she can play every morning... but just how far is she prepared to go?



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