Painting Mom's Face



Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Painting Mom's Face



Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Well hung, this handsome man might just make the perfect escort. There’s no shortage of older women craving his ‘face painting’ services. When Connor finds out his mother and sister have a secret desire to have him cover them in his taboo mixture, how can he refuse? Now this horny son might just discover his best clients are harboring an incestuous curiosity he’s willing to satisfy—free of charge! EXCERPT Entering the bedroom, she flicked a light switch which turned on one of the bedside table lamps, the soft light bathing the whole room in a sensual warm glow. I looked at her king-size bed, the bed I had dreamed about being in with her forever. When my father had been alive, I’d heard that bed squeaking many times from their love-making, and I always wished it was me with her instead of him. I had loved my father dearly, and never wished him harm, but in the mind of a teenage boy, I had always wanted to replace him in my mother’s bed; to feel that tremendous body of hers beneath me, her wide hips thrusting up to meet each powerful thrust as I fucked her hard and deep. And now…..I knew my dreams were about to come true. I followed her further into the room and stepped up close behind her as I wrapped her in my arms. She turned her heads sideways as I pressed myself against her back and lowered my face to her neck. I used the side of my face to push her hair out of the way and gently kissed the smooth soft hollow at the dimpled joint of her neck and shoulder. I pressed my cheek against her warm skin, reveling in the silky smoothness. I drew my lips upward along her neck and then nibbled teasingly at her ear. “Mmmmm,” she mewed like a kitten as I slid my enveloping hands up the front of her body as she leaned back against me. I felt her hand reach around the back of my thigh and pull me against her as my own hands slid up to cup her enormous breasts. “So, you like this dress?” she whispered provocatively. With my lips kissing the smooth skin of her neck, I could see her eyes were half-closed with desire as I hefted her massive orbs. “I love this dress…..but I think I’m gonna like what’s underneath it even better.” I softly squeezed her big tits, amazed at the size and the incredible softness of them. “Then maybe you should unzip me.” She reached up and lifted her hair out of the way as I stepped back and saw the tiny clasp at the top of the slim zipper almost hidden beneath a tiny fold of the rich silk material. I reached up and took hold of the little metal tag and slowly drew it down.



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