Amy Got a Spanking


Claire Reigns

Claire Reigns

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Amy Got a Spanking


Claire Reigns

Claire Reigns


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18-year-old Amy is a freshman at the music conservatory. She waits expectantly for her guitar lesson with the great Maestro Alejandro. But what she hears emanating from his studio is new to her: it almost sounds like wood striking tender young flesh followed by ecstatic female whimpering. Does she dare enter? What is she willing to endure to please her powerful, male teacher? Could she come to love the pain? An excerpt from the book: Then he laid me over his lap. This new position felt strange. I was looking at the floor and the blood rushed to my head. I could feel him lift up my little skirt. I sensed his eyes wandering over my soft, pink panties. I could feel his hands expertly exploring my butt cheeks, running over them, feeling the cottony material. He massaged my buttocks, felt each muscle, tried to relax the tension I held in them. “You understand this is for your own good?” His palm came down firmly on one butt cheek. “Yes,” I quivered. “You understand you made mistakes?” He spanked me again, this time on the other cheek. “Yes.” He spanked again, this time each cheek one after the other and much harder this time. “How many mistakes?” He struck again, the force increasing with each swat of his talented-soaked hands. I was trying to speak but I was focused on my irritated bottom. I thought about how red it must be getting. “How many?” he demanded. He struck again. “Eight!” I cried out. The cottony panties cushioned the blows for me a bit. Still plenty of force was getting through and my skin was starting to burn down there. “That's correct. Eight mistakes.” He rubbed my bum through the layer of cotton. It irritated me a bit but it was less painful than the strikes. I focused on the deep massage he was giving my butt muscles now. It felt so nice. A welcome change. I relaxed just a bit. Now the strikes can swiftly and far more forcefully. I was caught off guard. Two powerful spanks, one on each half of my meaty, round bottom. I let out a little cry. He massaged my bum again. “You're doing very well.” He worked his hand down in between my buttocks. “But you are not to speak again until instructed to do so.” Maestro took me by the arms and put me on my feet. I was weak in the knees and thought I might keel over. So many new feelings were pulsing through me. I was not used to the pain and the new sensations it had triggered in me. There was an excitement in this. An arousal I didn't understand and didn't want to accept. I ruminated on all the stings he had given me. Thought about the warm glow that started forming inside me, somewhere between the pit of my stomach and my red, shiny ass cheeks. It had pulsed through my privates and then through every nerve in my body. As he had reddened my succulent round bottom and tasty thighs I had to admit something: I was enjoying this. (End of excerpt) Adult content warning: Contains graphic depictions of an 18-year-old girl being spanked by a powerful older man.



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