A Guide To Weight Lifting Equipment


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A Guide To Weight Lifting Equipment - Bookrepublic

A Guide To Weight Lifting Equipment


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If you are considering starting a new strength-training program, or if you are interested in creating a home gym in your home, you may have been struggling with the debate of whether to go with free weights or an exercise machine. Overall, free weights seem to have the advantage of being better for your workout. Here are some reasons why. Current research suggests that you will get stronger using mainly free weights. This may be because you use different muscles when working with free weights than with the assistance of a machine. Free weights are also closer to movements that you make during every day life. Exercises that require more than one muscle group, such as squats and bench presses, are more complicated with free weights. This is because you have to stabilize yourself more than you would if you were using a machine. The machine stabilizes you by only allowing you make the movement along the track. This can lead to greater strength and improved balance. Free weights allow for a variety of different workouts. With a machine you are limited to the movements that the machine can perform. Free weights are also more portable, meaning that you can perform your exercises in a variety of locations if desired. Try caring your home gym with you next time you want to go on vacation or workout outside! If your budget is tight or you are not sure how long you are going to stick with your routine, free weights are a cheaper investment than an exercise machine. Since they come in a variety of sizes, you can also purchase free weights in the exact sizes to fit your workout routine best. Some find the simplicity of using an exercise machine to be boring and unchallenging. This may cause you to drop your workout routine sooner and hinder you from reaching your goals. Or you may be tempted to overdo it to challenge yourself more and cause an injury.


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