Drawing Portraits Fundamentals: A Portrait-Artist.org Book (How to Draw People)


J R Dunster

J R Dunster

Drawing Portraits Fundamentals: A Portrait-Artist.org Book (How to Draw People) - Bookrepublic

Drawing Portraits Fundamentals: A Portrait-Artist.org Book (How to Draw People)


J R Dunster

J R Dunster


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This is a full-length 275-page book (print version) with approximately 200 original illustrations and lots of how-to and step-by-step tutorials, thorough explanations of beginner as well more advanced drawing concepts. Learn how to draw portraits! Don't worry about "talent"! It's not necessary. Many people who didn't think they were "artists" have discovered they have the ability to draw portraits. You can learn too! It's a matter of education and practice. While this book is inspired by the tutorial site portrait-artist.org, a lot of the content is new and was created specifically for the book. This is the second edition of this book, and the first time it's been available in eBook format! Topics in the book include: Beginning drawing, getting started, learning the grid, learning pencil techniques. Overview of the head. Drawing the profile. Features of the head. Facial "landmarks," anatomy, and proportions of the figure, an overview. Step-by-step portraits Working in a tighter (more detailed) technique, tips and techniques. Shading explained: Understand values and how to make your art look more realistic Making up your own faces from your imagination: Exercises and techniques "Don't Do That!" Common beginner mistakes that are easy to avoid. Advice for new artists: Taking the right attitude, dealing with discouragement, feelings of competition, art snobs, tracing photos vs. drawing freehand, digital tools. More things artists should know: Drawing from life (live models), the current state of formal art education, introduction to working in color (color palette recommendations, brief overview of painting mediums). Table of Contents: Acknowledgements Welcome & Introduction Let's Get Started with Drawing Introduction to Shading and Technique Drawing the Face: Basics of Head Structure and Alignment of Features Drawing the Profile The Features and Hair An Overview of the Anatomy of the Head and Figure Shading the Portrait Step-by-Step Portraits, Soft Edges Working with a Tighter Technique Drawing Different Types of People Inventing Your Own Portraits, "Don't Do This!" Advice for the Newbie Artist Other Goodies Every New Artist Should Learn A Final Word About the Author Important Acknowledgements and Credits About the Second Edition Bibliography


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