Fucked & Punished: Dirty Dreams and Sexual Fantasies


Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott

Fucked & Punished: Dirty Dreams and Sexual Fantasies - Bookrepublic

Fucked & Punished: Dirty Dreams and Sexual Fantasies


Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott


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Fucked & Punished: Dirty Dreams and Sexual Fantasies CHAPTER 1 Sometimes we find ourselves in the oddest situations, something we’d never normally consider. At these times, it’s as if the whole universe has come together to teach us something. I look forward to these lessons, after all, I know I wouldn’t be one of the best ‘sex consultants’ (okay, I’m a high class hooker) if it wasn’t for the universe and her sense of humor. CHAPTER 2 Sometimes even the biggest, toughest men need to be taken in hand. Joe was like that. He acted big and brave on the outside, but inside he wanted someone who would rule with an iron fist (and a flogger). I was more than happy to provide that service, for a fee of course. It’s not every day I can tie a handsome man to my wall and beat him. CHAPTER 3 I get to see women sometimes (and charge them for sexual services). These sessions are usually as much fun, if not more, than when I deal with my male clients. It’s always going to be a learning experience for me. My new client, Jane, learns that a spanking might be the only thing to teach her a lesson. CHAPTER 4 James is different to anyone else I’ve ever had as a client. For some reason he manages to get me to agree to give up control to him, something I’ve never been able to do before. Still, I’m getting paid to let him do these things, so I can’t complain too much. I have to learn to cope with the fear of letting him take charge of our sexual sessions. And learn to enjoy it.



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