Sinsane Asylum


Sentu Taylor

Sentu Taylor

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Sinsane Asylum


Sentu Taylor

Sentu Taylor


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What if the conspiracy theories revolving around pop stars and Satanic Illuminati cults were true? And the most absurdly farfetched ones at that?" Say hi to Deon "Kasino" Brooks, a broke, hip-hop hopeful who is demolishing competitors throughout the California freestyle battle circuit. After an embarrassed opponent makes an attempt on Deon's life but instead gets his head shot off by the young rapper in self-defense; an event that was filmed by his best friend/wanna-be manager Trife and posted on YouTube, Deon becomes an overnight internet sensation~ and ~subject of questioning in a Sacramento PD interrogation room. Meanwhile, Trife responds to an email from Atlanta based big shot pop music label Avarice Records that will transform them to become the entertainment industry's darlings. At a cost only one of them is willing to pay. As he fights to hold onto his identity that the Illuminati is peeling away through black mail, Deon makes an odd acquaintance that offers him a way out of the lifelong dream turned nightmare-which may rob him of what's left of his sanity. Having been betrayed by everyone close to him and without anyone else to turn to, Deon accepts the strangers' proposal, thus finding friendship with a gang of ethereal anarchists and together they turn the planet upside down. See a world of glitz, glamour, drugs, groupies, exploitation, reptilian shape-shifters, death cult sacrifices, ghosts, demons, and undead hacktivists through Deon's eyes. Sinsane Asylum is a dark urban satire that pulls no punches as it mocks –everything- from ancient mythology, conspiracy theories to our modern life.


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