Knocked Up By My Cop Daddy


Naughty Nikita

Amber FoxxFire

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Knocked Up By My Cop Daddy


Naughty Nikita

Amber FoxxFire


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I knew I’d fucked up bad when daddy threw me in the back of the cruiser, flicked on the lights and took me down to the station. Sheesh, it was just a bit of alcohol, daddy! It’s not like I killed someone.

But daddy made a deal with me. Carry his baby or go to jail.

He flicked off the lights, pulled into the darkened park next to station and taught me a lesson I’d never forget!


"This is your punishment. It's either this or go to jail." He said gruffly, his face inches from mine.

I melted when I smelled his after shave. Deep down inside, deeper than I'd ever admit, I - like every other girl out there - had a thing for my daddy. He was tall, strong and VERY handsome. That he was a badass cop just completed the picture of him being a dominant alpha in my mind.

"Yes, but..." My heart fluttered in my chest as I thought about what my daddy wanted to do to me. Carry his baby?

"Haven't you always wanted a baby?" He breathed hotly as his hands caressed my cheek and stroked my hair.

I nodded as a tear streaked down my face. "But you're my daddy!" I protested.

"Who better?" He kissed me again, his hot lips mashing against mine. This time instead of pulling away, I wrapped my long arms around his large, muscular chest.

He did have a point.

Within minutes, we'd hastily disposed of our clothes and began steaming up the windows. I giggled when daddy kissed my small breasts. He took a whole one in his mouth and began to suck.

"I'm..." I turned my head and looked out the window, not being able to meet daddy's gaze. "I'm a virgin..."

"That's okay," he said as he kissed my breasts and neck and blew silly bubbles on my belly. I giggled and laughed and kicked my legs. I felt so good being taken by my daddy. What had I been thinking? He was strong, experienced, handsome and according to the bulge in his underwear, extremely well-hung.

I tentatively reached out and touched his massive cock and quickly pulled my hand back. "It's so big, daddy!" I exclaimed, giggling.

He groaned in answer and pulled me closer to him.


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