Reasons Why You Must Quit Smoking Today


Georgette Sun

Georgette Sun

Reasons Why You Must Quit Smoking Today - Bookrepublic

Reasons Why You Must Quit Smoking Today


Georgette Sun

Georgette Sun


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Why We Cannot giving up smoking?
We do bad things although we understand we have to not. Nobody knows why?
Actually it is not our folly. It falls beneath the category of things that are beyond our control.
We all know the remedies to lose excess weight and also to quit smoking like good eating habits, exercise .Yet we can't help ourselves although we desire it. Whenever we talk in regards to the chain smokers, there are lots of who control themselves but cannot completely quit the habit. The reason is bad temptations. They do every possible thing to keep themselves away from smoking but there is however something which acts like a magnetic force and held them back like two opposites constantly attracting each other.
Why don't we you will need to find out the answer:
Can we name out some people that are truly happy and seriously interested in their work? Unfortunately the figure is extremely less. We reside in an aura made from our own where we usually do not feel have to deal because of the major issues. It is composed of special things that contribute a great deal to distract us. We often forget about our ambitions which once we had nurtured in childhood like becoming a physician, an artist.
This forgetting results in unhappy, unsuccessful and frustrated individuals. They boil their inner self without knowing their problem and what advertisers do? They take great things about these fears and fulfill their interests by selling us deceptive happiness. But what about our true needs?
We have been either afraid to fulfill them or we disassociate ourselves as a result to such an extent that individuals never think about them again.
One easy way which we opt to escape the issues is we make bad habits our companion as in case of smokers. Whether they have some family quarrel chances are they will take up smoking not because of the nicotine temptation but because of the incapability of resolving the difficulty. Once we come one on one with our problems we feel they desire us to pay them attention. The surprising truth is whenever we really want to give awareness of them then only we will have the need of smoking because we realize our ‘void’. 


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