Pounded by the Apes


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire

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Pounded by the Apes


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire


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Following a troop of chimps through the jungle for days, Ruby finally catches up with them. But she gets more than she bargained for when they surround her and catch her unawares. What do these large, dominant bestial animals want from her? And is she willing to give it to them? More importantly, will she be able to take all of them...at once?


Taking out a notebook and her recorder, she jotted down some notes about what she observed. This was so exciting!

Wrapped up in her studies, she jumped in surprise as a chimp leaped down from the trees. He looked at her and hooted. Instantly, two more appeared before her eyes.

"What?" She was astounded as fear tingled through her like a live-wire. Fear mixed with exhilaration.

They grunted and looked at her with their brown, hungry eyes. The large, imposing chimps weren't hungry for food, but for hot sex.

The male that appeared to her first pounded his chest. "My name's Alec." He bellowed in perfect speech. "These are my pals Vince and Nicar."

They hooted in agreement as they eyed her with savage grins on their faces. Her pussy tingled within her panties as a surge of wild, carnal desire washed through her.

"I want you, darling, and by the smell of things you want us too." Alec told her with a gleam in his brown eyes.

"I...I..." She flushed, not knowing what to say to them. She knew she needed them to fuck her, but would it be right?

"Aww come on, darling. You know you want some chimp cock. There's nothing better." Alec told her with a devilish grin as he stood up and thrust his thick, long red hot dick in her face.

Her mouth drooled with lust as she was drawn to to his throbbing cock.

"Now, take off your clothes," he commanded and pulled his shiny, luscious cock from her starving lips.

"Just one little suck, please?" Ruby begged, looking into his deep, dominant brown eyes.

"No...no...no." He gave her a teasing grin and wagged his finger. "Now show me the goods, sister."

"Aww." She whined, then sighed knowing he was right.


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