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Space exploration was fun. It was in her genes. But for 18-year-old Amy, finding a planet of only women and dogs was not something she was prepared for. Watch as she encounters one of these dogs and finds out that the pet has become the master…


"Undress," he growled, wagging his tail. He knew he'd found a prize like none other.

Amy felt a thrill rush through her as she began to dance seductively before his avid gaze. She teased him, knowing instinctively that she must inflame his carnal lust.

She teased him with an alluring smile and by not revealing what he desired to see the most. Amy needed to stir his desire until it was boiling. Then and only then would she be ready to submit to his will.

Revealing her pert breasts as she played with them, she ran her fingers over her slender body as she teased him. Amy let her pants fall to the ground, revealing her frilly, pink panties.

"Do you like what you see?" She blew him a kiss and giggled.

"Take them of!" He growled, eager to lay his eyes on her pink treasure.

The aching need to smell her alluring scent was completely overpowering. His throbbing cock exploded from its sheath in anticipation and drool slipped from his mouth.

Amy touched her breasts, rubbing her fingers over her straining nips. Bending down, she offered them to him.

His long tongue caressed her pink nubbins, bringing forth a moan from her rosy lips.

"Would you like to see my pussy?" She taunted him with her soft, silky voice.

"Show it to me!" He demanded, his voice compelling and deep, sending excited shivers down her spine.

Her fingers slid down and pulled apart her sizzling cunt lips as her excitement clung to her folds like drops of dew to a flower petal.


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