Sexy Sisters 4-Pack Vol 2


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire

Sexy Sisters 4-Pack Vol 2 - Bookrepublic

Sexy Sisters 4-Pack Vol 2


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire


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4 Sizzling hot brother/sister taboo incest stories for your enjoyment.

- Banged by My Drunk, Horny Brother
- My Brother Came In My Horny, Fertile Cunt
- Mind-Controlling My Brother
- Spilling My Brother's Seed

Stories Included:

* Banged by My Drunk, Horny Brother

Dad just had to go on a stupid business trip and leave us two siblings alone together. Dillon was 19 and I was 18. I’d never been left alone with my bratty brother for more than a few hours before. God, now what was I going to do?

When I found the fucker sitting completely naked on the kitchen counter, I knew things had to change. There was no way Dillon was getting away with this.

* My Brother Came In My Horny, Fertile Cunt

With dad gone, Sally and Ryan decide to raid the old man’s liquor cabinet. Trying to out-drink each other, they get a bit tipsy. And horny. Shenanigans ensue.

And it just so happens that Sally is fertile. Of course she waits until it’s too late for him to pull out to spring it on her brother…

* Mind-Controlling My Brother

After having just broke up with her boyfriend, Olivia was hot, bothered and horny as hell. Taking matters into her own hands, she finds a way to “convince” her studly, hunky brother to do her bidding.

Of course, that meant only one thing. But what happens when dad comes home? Will her secret be found out?

* Spilling My Brother's Seed

I was fertile and hormonal and I needed my brother like a starving man needs a steak. Fortunately for me, my friend had a solution. A certain pill. Once ingested, my brother would be mine.

Could I beat the clock before he awoke? I was sure as hell going to try!


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