OLD INDIAN LEGENDS - 14 Native American Legends from the Dakotas


Retold by Zitkala Sa , Anon E. Mouse

Abela Publishing

OLD INDIAN LEGENDS - 14 Native American Legends from the Dakotas - Bookrepublic

OLD INDIAN LEGENDS - 14 Native American Legends from the Dakotas


Retold by Zitkala Sa , Anon E. Mouse

Abela Publishing


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Under an open sky, nestling close to the earth, the old Dakota story-tellers have told these legends time and again. While it is easy to recognise such legends without difficulty, the renderings may vary in little incidents. Here, Zitkala-Sa has tried to transplant the native spirit of these tales -- root and all -- into the English language, since America in the last few centuries has acquired a second tongue.
In this volume you will find these fourteen stories and legends from the Dakotas:
Iktomi And The Ducks
Iktomi's Blanket
Iktomi And The Muskrat
Iktomi And The Coyote
Iktomi And The Fawn
The Badger And The Bear
The Tree-Bound
Shooting Of The Red Eagle
Iktomi And The Turtle
Dance In A Buffalo Skull
The Toad And The Boy
Iya, The Camp-Eater
Manstin, The Rabbit
The Warlike Seven

THESE ARE relics of the USA’s once virgin soil. These and many others are the tales the American Indians loved so much to hear beside the night fire. For these people the personified elements and other spirits played in a vast world right around the center fire of the wigwam. It was around such fires that these 14 stories would have been told

The old legends of North America now belong quite as much to the fair-skinned little patriot as to the land’s black-haired aborigine. And when they are grown tall may they, in their wisdom, not lack interest in a further study of American Indian folklore. A study which so strongly suggests the USA’s near kinship with the rest of humanity and points a steady finger toward the great brotherhood of mankind, and by which one is so forcibly impressed with the possible earnestness of life as seen through the teepee door! If it be true that much lies "in the eye of the beholder," then in the American aborigine, as in any other race, sincerity of belief, though it were based upon mere optical illusion, demands a little respect. After all, at heart, they are much like other peoples.

We invite you to settle down in a comfy chair and journey back to a time when these stories were told around campfires, to the delight of young and old alike.
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