Fucked by a Halloween Curse 8-Pack Bundle


DeeDee Zee

I Luv SmutBux

Fucked by a Halloween Curse 8-Pack Bundle - Bookrepublic

Fucked by a Halloween Curse 8-Pack Bundle


DeeDee Zee

I Luv SmutBux


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It’s Halloween and these girls have been cursed to be horny for nothing but hot incestuous sex.

Daddy’s Little Pussy Forever (01)
Thanks to a curse, no one can satisfy her except Daddy, which is just fine by her.

Sister Turned Dog’s Bitch (02)
He collared his sister and turned into a horny bitch who just wants dick—his and a pack of dogs’.

Waking Up to Futanari Twincest (I’m a Dick Girl!) (03)
She woke up with a cock and an overwhelming urge to share it with her virgin twin sister.

Bitch Turned Cash Cow! Milking His Horny Daughter (04)
Not only is Daddy getting the milk for free but he gets to screw his horny daughter so she makes more.

Sister is a Dick-Hungry Selfie Slut (05)
A special app on his sister’s phone makes her hornier the more pictures she takes, and he’s right there to get her off.

Gender Swapped Son to Daughter Bondage Gangbang (06)
Turned into a girl and left bound to a bed, he’s about to get a crash course in multiple orgasms from his brothers and father.

Mother-Daughter Body Swap for Daddy (07)
It’s payback time! Mommy has borrowed her daughter’s body to teach her a lesson using Daddy’s cock.

Daughter’s Cursed Box Family Gangbang (08)
It’s a family curse and only the very horny men in her family can cure her. Daddy, brother, uncles, and Grandpa are eager to help her out.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains father-daughter, mother-daughter, brother-sister, sister-sister twincest, uncle-niece, grandfather-granddaughter dubious consent incest sex, mind control, paranormal, bondage, bestiality zoophilia dog sex, anal sex, oral sex, body swap, gender swap, public sex, gangbang, unprotected breeding sex, and creampie.



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