THE ENCHANTED CASTLE - 15 Illustrated Children's Stories


Anon E. Mouse

Abela Publishing

THE ENCHANTED CASTLE - 15 Illustrated Children's Stories - Bookrepublic

THE ENCHANTED CASTLE - 15 Illustrated Children's Stories


Anon E. Mouse

Abela Publishing


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Herein you will find 13 illustrated children’s stories, each linked to a specific flower. But why flowers? Firstly, because flowers brighten up our lives, and those who read this book will be interested in the beautiful stories they have to tell, loving them even more when they know something of their past history and some of the events with which they are associated. The forty illustrations will also help young ones visualise the environment in which they are set.

The stories in this volume are:
The enchanted castle
The fair maids of february
The loveless youth
The wind flower
The fate of hyacinthus
St. leonard and the fiery snake
A fair prisoner
The ungrateful traveler
The star of bethlehem
The angel's gift
The holy hay
The search for gold
The flower fairies

One very old writer tells us that he knew of forty-six flowers by which he could tell the time, and since then a great many more have been discovered. These time-keepers open and shut their blossoms at exactly the same time each day, and every hour of the day or night some flower opens and closes its petals.
And those who love fairies know that they have much to do with the flowers, and while to some they may seem very trifling occupations—this writing and reading about fairies—yet

"Another sort there be, that will
Be talking of the Fairies still;
Nor never can they have their fill
As they were wedded to them."

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