MacKay - Canadian Detectives Series Book One


Roxana Nastase

Roxana Nastase

MacKay - Canadian Detectives Series Book One - Bookrepublic

MacKay - Canadian Detectives Series Book One


Roxana Nastase

Roxana Nastase


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Canadian Detectives, part of the police force or private investigators, are in pursuit of truth and justice. They navigate the twists and ugliness of their cases and in the end, they get more than they bargained for – they also lose their hearts.
A Suitable Epitaph introduces the Canadian Lieutenant Leah Mackay and her team while solving the case of Klavdiya’s murder.  
Klavdiya dreamed of money and love. Her dreams died with her under a merciless rain.
Leah, a Canadian detective with empathetic skills, and her team engage in a tedious race to find the culprit.
Leah is able to read people's minds and sense their feelings and she makes good use of her skills. However, when she encounters Axel, her abilities are blocked and she doesn't know if she found her killer or merely a witness to the murder.
If you like a detective story with compelling characters, then this is the book for you.
An Immigrant brings a private detective in the mist of the Canadian detectives.
Victor is on the trail of soulless killers and ends up at the tip of a blade. Will he survive with his hide in one piece?
‘An Immigrant’ is a crime novel weaved with suspense, twists and turns, romance and dry humor now and then. It will intrigue and hook you. A touch of paranormal will sprinkle the story and raise the interest a notch.
Don’t miss your chance to delve into a convoluted intrigue and meet unique characters.
Oh, and don’t forget – you will get a bonus at the end of the novel – the recipe for one of the most delicious Romanian cakes. It melts in your mouth, with an explosion of flavors. Disclaimer: the taste matches the calories and it is addictive.


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