FRED FENTON ON THE TRACK - A Y.A. Sports Adventure


Allan Chapman

Abela Publishing

FRED FENTON ON THE TRACK - A Y.A. Sports Adventure - Bookrepublic

FRED FENTON ON THE TRACK - A Y.A. Sports Adventure


Allan Chapman

Abela Publishing


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Rival school Franklin has taken the track and field championship for the past four years. It appears as if they will again unless school favorite Fred Fenton of Riverport School can hatch a plan to out distance Franklin's star performer. But will the strange happenings and clues lead Fred astray on other adventures. Is the mill really haunted, and what of the so-called “Evil”? Can something good come of that and what does the covered wagon have to do with it all?
Table of Contents
I. The Cross Country Runners
II. A Strange Sound from a Well
III. Out of the Depths
IV. Fred Gets a Shock
V. How Good Sprang from Evil
VI. The News Corney Brought
VII. Where is Colon?
VIII. A Clue in the Ditch
IX. The Covered Wagon
X. The Ambush
XI. The Haunted Mill
XII. A Broken Door
XIII. How Gabe Made Good
XIV. Practice for the Race
XV. The Accident
XVI. A Gloomy Prospect
XVII. An Unexpected Ally
XVIII. Forced to Lend a Hand
XIX. Glorious News
XX. A Welcome Guest
XXI. The Athletic Meet
XXII. Fred on the Track
XXIII. A Close Count
XXIV. The Lone Runner
XXV. The Alaska Claim
KEYWORDS/TAGS: Young Adult, Action, Adventure, athletics, cross-country, track, middle-distance, mile. 1600m, 1500m, 800m 880 yards, Fred Fenton, Runners, Strange Sound, Water Well, Out, Depths, Shock, Good, spring, Sprang, Evil, News, Corney, Colon, Clue, Ditch, Covered, Wagon, Ambush, Haunted, Mill, Broken, Door, Make Good, Practice, training, Race, Accident, Gloomy Prospects, Unexpected Ally, Force, Lend a Hand, Glorious, Welcome Guest, Athletic Meeting, on the Track, Close Count, Lone Runner, Alaska, Claim, run, tired, breath, puff, legs, spikes, running shoes



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