Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis 10-Pack Bundle Volume 4


DeeDee Zee

I Luv SmutBux

Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis 10-Pack Bundle Volume 4 - Bookrepublic

Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis 10-Pack Bundle Volume 4


DeeDee Zee

I Luv SmutBux


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These fathers have hypnosis and a need to play out their sexual fantasies with their all-too-willing daughters.

Bratty Daughter Becomes a Horny Sugar Baby (22) 
She thought she was getting over and playing him, but Dad has turned the tables on her. Now he’s everything she’s ever wanted, hard, fast and deep.

Loving Sisters and Foreplay Fun (26)
The twins love tormenting their younger sister with lots of foreplay while Dad watches and waits for his turn to join the fun.

Camera Ready: Virgin Turned Cosplay Slut (27)
She was a virgin when the cosplay photoshoot started, but a hypnotic camera and a horny Dad changed all that by the end.

Daughter’s Study-Fuck Session (28) 
While his daughter does her college assignment, he does her. She doesn’t realize how much she loves being thoroughly stuffed and creamed.

Slut Daughter Wants Her Ass Kissed (29)
When she says the three magic words, his daughter turns into his horny slut who wants deep, intimate kisses and lots of hard-pounding loving.

Kiss and Fuck Daughter Goodnight (30) 
She can only fall asleep after Dad gives her a kiss goodnight followed by a thorough and deep pounding.

Just Sex with His Daughter (33)
He’s just pushing the boundaries of their father-daughter relationship by saying it’s just a little and just for a moment and just the tip. But they both know he’s lying.

Gangbang Daughter for Breaking Curfew (38)
It’s the sexual version of Pinocchio. The more his daughter lies, the hornier she gets until she’s begging for a hard-pounding punishment.

Horny Daughter’s Goodnight Spank-Fuck (39) 
This father tucks his daughter in at night with a spanking and lots of creamy, hard-pounding sex.

Blackmail! Daughter’s Oral Sex Ransom (40)
Blackmail payments are usually money. But after a round of hypnosis, his daughter wants sex, sex, and more sex.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains father-daughter incest sex, sister-sister sex, twincest sex, brother-sister sex, lesbian sex, hypnosis mind control, dubious consent, gangbang, oral sex, anal play and sex, outdoors sex, public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, seeding and breeding, spanking, sex toys, nipple play, double penetration, fisting, unprotected sex, and bareback creampie.



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