Submissive to my boss 2


Leonardo Parsifal

Leonardo Parsifal

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Submissive to my boss 2


Leonardo Parsifal

Leonardo Parsifal


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Submissive to my boss 2
An exciting gay short story that will make you horny!!
Carlo is a 35 years old accountant and has a wife, but one day he meets Roberto, a very tall bartender that makes Carlo doubt his sexuality very soon.

"Of the many gay books in pdf i've read in my life, this is one of the best. I love the fact that the charachters don't have much pride, but gain it with their gay relationship! I advise to read it to all the people who like gay themed books, with interesting protagonists"
Lara Poiu

"In 2017 and 2018 i've read many gay books, and i can tell with no doubt that this is the best. The relationships between charachters feel so real, and i believed every word they said. I love gay and horror books, and i hope there are more of this in the series, because it's for sure the best in my gay books list!"
Lorenzo Maggiani

"One of the best romance gay novels i've read, i loved it! The characters seems so real, i want to fuck Roberto so bad! Hahaha absolutely great, i loved this lgbt book, one of the best gay short stories i've read!"
Ricardo Lopez

"I love mm romance, and in this gay lgbt book i found everything i wanted. Its full of love, and romance, and surely one of the best books i've read with gay theme and friends"
Giovanna Cazzato

"When you are looking for free gay books you know is difficult to find good ones. But fortunately this one is good, one love story about gay which is a novel of romance, but also sex! I like it a lot"
Maria Ripani

"For sure it was one of the best gay ebooks i've read in 2018, included all the pdfs in which there were gay protagonists that didn't work for me. In this i can say i got horny when i read it, even though english is not my mother language. I'm bisex, and i loved the fact that Carlo is so exciting. Very well done"
Paul Mentour

"It's difficult for me finding a short gay story in which there are also friendships, and real relationships. I think i will read every books in this series because it gave me so much emotions. Really really liked it"
Ernesto Candido

"Many lgbt books didn't satisfy, because they were super romantic or only sexual. This book is really interesting to me because it contains a lot of romance between gay and bisex people, and i think that the author has a clear vision of what being homosexual is"
Florence Well

"I love the relationship between Carlo and his master, i think it's the best thing in this free gay romance novel. My girlfriend told me that she really liked this ebook, so i had to buy and read it. I found it very interesting, i advise it to gay people who likes best books of 2017 and 2018"
Romeo Mellis



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