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An overwhelming erotic gay romance full of passion.

Carlo is a man in his thirties, married and who is trying to have a son with his wife. His life will change when he meets Roberto, a charming bartender who will tempt him more and more, giving rise to an overwhelming homosexual erotic passion.

"An erotic gay story that takes from the first page"
"A gay book full of love and suspense"
"Sexual intrigue between out-of-the-ordinary and interesting characters"
"An erotic gay ebook full of romance"

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"Among the gay books I've read, it's one that I liked the most, there's a lot of romance in this school, unlike all the gay erotic novels where there's only sex. protagonists is super exciting, in my opinion! Stuff that is not easily found in the free gay novels pdf on the internet! "
Lea Pratti
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"I've never read a gay novel like this, I adore the genre of gay romance novels books, but I'm generally snobby because there's almost never gay love, just sex. I recommend it! A very powerful gay romance! "
Dalila Tregenti

"Surely this" Suddenly bisexual "is among the gay pink romances I prefer. In general, erotic gay ebook, or gay romance novels are too vulgar, but this is erotic at the right point in my opinion. Very beautifull. I would categorize it between the narrative rose, because it presents important gay romance elements "
Fabio Persico

"I had never read gay ebooks, nor romance romances of gay love, but I have to say that it took me so much, it's exciting but not vulgar, with a bit of love and even a pinch of mm! gay novel that knows how to satisfy and is very addicting!
Patrizio Sesami



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