The ‘Painless’ Course Creation Cycle


Tory S. Thorkelson

Tory Thorkelson

The ‘Painless’ Course Creation Cycle - Bookrepublic

The ‘Painless’ Course Creation Cycle


Tory S. Thorkelson

Tory Thorkelson


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Based on over 20 years working at a private university in Seoul, Korea and as an instructor/textbook writer for YBM Sisa, Hanyang University Publishing, Hakmun publishing and Visang publishing among others, this book brings together lessons and materials that helped the author create successful and highly evaluated courses in a variety of areas/disciplines and subject areas including:

  • Introduction to Acting
  • Tourism English I and II
  • Job Skills
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Global Business Communication
  • The (Hi)Story of English
  • Screen English
  • Global English
  • Professional Presentation Skills.
  • Academic Writing I to IV
  • Business Correspondence and a few others.
While it is initially based on a 7 stage process and related questions/ materials, the principles and lessons build on this foundation to assist educators in becoming well-informed experts on many aspects of class/lesson plan/material design in an easy to follow manner. It assumes that teachers know the basics of lesson planning and successful curriculum design but still walks the reader through how to research, plan, organize and develop the relevant information and class components to design an effective course.
It incorporates original tips, suggestions and a few samples from classes/ lessons coupled with activities designed to go beyond simply creating a typical class/syllabus based around a textbook. It is intended to foster the educator’s flexibility and knowledge to create courses that are a pleasure for instructors to teach and for students to learn from.
I would like to thank the many Korean and non-Korean students who helped me develop the ideas and materials in this process over the years.
Special thanks to my wife, Hye ah, and my daughter, Jean, for their love and support.


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