MARION MARLOWE ENTRAPPED - Marion arrives in the city


Grace Shirley

Abela Publishing

MARION MARLOWE ENTRAPPED - Marion arrives in the city - Bookrepublic

MARION MARLOWE ENTRAPPED - Marion arrives in the city


Grace Shirley

Abela Publishing


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A girl, as poor as a church mouse, arrives in the city from the country without a friend in the world. One night, Vandergrift, the manager of the Fern Garden Hall of Song heard her singing on the street. Enraptured by her beauty, he found her voice, too, was wonderful, and, of course, he stopped to listen. It was just before his opening and he needed a singer, inasmuch as his present prima donna, ‘Carlotta,’ was engaged to sing in the rival garden just across the street from his place. Well, to make a long story short, he made terms with this girl at once—offered her a big price for one night, thinking that the offer would dazzle her so much that she would feel too grateful to listen to any other offers. Well, he billed her that night as ‘Ila de Parloa,’ and her song was great; she was the hit of the evening. The very next morning she took her money and bolted, and Vandergrift lost track of her entirely.”
Who was this mysterious beauty and where did she go? Did Vandergrift find her again or did she find employment elsewhere?
10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.
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