EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS STORIES from French and Spanish writers


Compiled & Translated by Antoinette Ogden , Various

Abela Publishing

EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS STORIES from French and Spanish writers - Bookrepublic

EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS STORIES from French and Spanish writers


Compiled & Translated by Antoinette Ogden , Various

Abela Publishing


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Herein are 15 Christmas stories translated from French and Spanish writers like Armando Palacio Valdés, André Theuriet, Antonio Maré, François Coppée, Alphonse Daudet and many more. Compiled and translated by Antoinette Ogden they represent a variety of genres. They are written in the style of the late nineteenth century holiday story, so think Dickens. This work of fables and stories will help set an appropriate Christmassy mood for the holidays.
The stories in this volume are:
A Bird in the Snow
A Christmas in the Forest
The Louis-d'or
A Christmas Supper in the Marais
The Princess and the Ragamuffin
A Tragedy
The Three Low Masses
The Poet's Christmas Eve
I take Supper with my Wife
The Yule Log
The Mule and the Ox
Solange, the Wolf-Girl
Salvette and Bernadou
Maese Pérez, the Organist
The Torn Cloak
Even though they were translated and originally published in the early 1890’s these stories have long been forgotten and are now seldom told or read in English homes which makes this a welcome addition to any modern collection of Christmas stories.
10% of the publisher’s profit from the sale of this book will be donated to UNICEF.
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