Perfect 10 Romance Plots #5-4 "THE BISHOP OF LUCON"


Perfect 10 Plots

Perfect 10 Plots

Perfect 10 Romance Plots #5-4 "THE BISHOP OF LUCON" - Bookrepublic

Perfect 10 Romance Plots #5-4 "THE BISHOP OF LUCON"


Perfect 10 Plots

Perfect 10 Plots


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Armand du Plessy is full of vigor and unrequited love. As Bishop of Luçon, he invokes chastity from the pulpit but succumbs to manly desires when ‘no one is looking’. Armand will suffer from the sequels of illicit intercourses for all the years following his accession to the chair of cardinal and that until his death in December 1642. His liaison with Alicia de Medici is not well known, but is perhaps one of the more memorable ones for the Bishop of Luçon. However, when Alicia disappears, Armand is devastated. He cannot find her. Upon his return to Rome and then to France, he drowns his sorrow in biblical studies and political intrigue. “Where is she?” is the question the Cardinal de Richelieu asks himself for years after their love blossomed during a night spent together in Salerno, Italy. Will he ever find her? 

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Each Perfect 10 Plot Package Includes:

Full outline for each plot (including the beginning, rising action leading to climax, climax description, falling action after climax occurs, and the resolution)

The One and Only Perfect 10 Plots Signature "Scene by Scene" detailed breakdowns that guide you step-by-step to "put some meat on the bones" and create an absolutely unforgettable story!

Character Descriptions: A list of the main characters (including the protagonist and antagonist) - fully described. These characters are well-developed but not complete... leaving you plenty of room to personalize them.

Details on Settings and Locations: This describes in detail where the story takes place. As you read this, you'll feel as if you're right in the scene of the story! (making it easy for you to put yourself inside the story, customize it and produce unique works of art)

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