Juan De Flandes: Drawings & Paintings (Annotated)


Raya Yotova

Publisher s13381

Juan De Flandes: Drawings & Paintings (Annotated) - Bookrepublic

Juan De Flandes: Drawings & Paintings (Annotated)


Raya Yotova

Publisher s13381


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Juan de Flandes was a Flemish artist, and the scientists suggested that he had received his premature artist's education in Ghent. There are several of his works from the end of the 15th century signed by him in Ghent. Most likely he was a member of the guild of artists in Ghent.
The life of Juan de Flandes in the Spanish Royal Court of Queen Isabella I of Castile, where he worked as a court artist, was better studied. As a Royal's Court artist, Juan de Flandes has been painting portraits of the royal family for years, as well as the Queen herself. Besides all this, he has decorated the Queen's personal altar.
In 1504 Isabella I of Castile dies, after which Juan de Flandes left his post as her court artist and began to work on paid orders from the Spanish Church as a church decorator.
There are several documented his works in Spain during this period of his life, the most famous of which is the decoration of the cathedral in Palencia. It was also the last town where the Flemish artist resided and worked - he died there in 1519, which was recorded in the town's registers.
In general, his style and technique of painting were adapted to the favor of his Spanish clients - initially in the Royal Court, and later in the Church. His sense of color was very finely nuanced, especially in his recent works, a tendency towards Mannerism, perhaps with the requirements of the church dogma of that time.


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