My Sister Swallowed A Bimbo Pill


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire

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My Sister Swallowed A Bimbo Pill


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire


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At first I didn’t recognize her. Here was this large-breasted woman with wide hips, full face and blonde hair. This wasn’t my sister, this was some sex-starved, hormonal, fertile Bimbo who somehow knew my name.

Through her tears and nakedness, she admitted that she’d snuck a pill from my old room.

That’s when it hit me! I’d ordered some Bimbo pills. I’d wondered where those had gone!

Now I knew.


"Sis! Open up!" I knocked frantically on the hotel room door. I glanced at the number to make sure it was the right one. Amy had called not more than ten minutes ago, crying and distressed. She wouldn't tell me what was wrong, just that I needed to come over as quick as possible.

What could possibly be the problem? Was she hurt? Injured? Sick? A million possibilities raced through my mind.

A moment later, the door swung open.

"Uh..." I took a step back and nearly tripped over a potted plant. "I'm sorry, I must have the wrong --"

"Billy!" The woman - who sounded suspiciously like my sister - bear-hugged me and planted kisses all over my face. I'm not going to lie, whoever this woman was, was making me a bit randy.

"I'm I know you?"

"Bro! It's me! Your sister, Amy!" She gasped and led me inside.

Amy? "No, you must be mistaken, lady. Although you sound a bit like her, you look nothing like my petite, slender sister."

"Oh these!" She laughed and tugged down her t-shirt, revealing the largest pair of titties I'd ever seen. I could not believe what I was seeing. And they weren't baggy, saggy breasts, either, they were taut - like a balloon. I felt like I could poke them and they'd burst.

I looked up at my sister with my jaw hung open and my cock surging in my pants. "Jeez, what the hell happened?"

"See, this is the problem." She tossed the shirt aside and proffered them up to me.

"Problem? Holy God, girl, with these tits you could be the biggest porn star in the world. You'd bring all the guys to your yard." I literally could not peel my eyes away from her massive breasts. Her nipples alone were an inch long.


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