Bred By Blacks!


Lady Devreux

Lady Devreux

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Bred By Blacks!


Lady Devreux

Lady Devreux


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Bridget lost her first marriage when she gave birth to her obviously mixed daughter. Relocating to Utah, she has rebuilt her life as a Mormon wife. Her husband believes the lie that she is part Indian, and has no idea about her past. When he can't give her another baby, she decides to get bred by Black men. Problem is, her oldest son walks in on this- what will he demand for his silence?
“I didn’t ask you, bitch,” Brock said, looking at me- he was telling me that he was still the one making the decisions.
James just stood there- he couldn’t stop looking, which was to be expected (I was sure that he had been always curious about my body, in the same idle way I was curious about his)- but he didn’t make a move either.
“Alright,” Brock said, “What’s the problem, J?”
“Huh?” James said.
“Man, I told you when I brought you into this, that I’d get you all kind of pussy,” Brock said- no, this was definitely not the first time he had used that Black dick on some local woman, “And you ain’t never seemed to have performance trouble before. So what’s the deal?”
“I don’t know,” James said, not wanting to tell the truth.
“I might have to get another road dog,” Brock said, “If you can’t get it up, then maybe I need to find another partner who can?”
My son and this Black man obviously had some sort of arrangement going on between them.
“You got lucky, me getting you into this,” Brock said, “So fuck the hell out of this bitch, or I’m going to have to cut you loose!”
Brock was now giving my son orders.
My son didn’t like anyone telling him what to do- whether it was my husband, or me, or his teachers in school- but once Brock had made it clear that he had ti fuck me, his response was almost immediate.
James undid his zipper, and he slid down his oversized jeans- underneath, he wore black and yellow boxer shorts, silk underwear, and these were soon taken off as well.
My son was not one drop Black, but as he exposed his cock to me, I was impressed by it’s size.
He wasn’t as long as his Black friend- James seemed to be an inch shorter, about eight in length- but even from across the room, I could see how thick he was. His cock jutted upwards slightly, at an angle, the head red and angry and ready for action. Maybe he could not verbalize the fact that the sight of his naked mother turned him on- maybe he could not bring himself to approach me on his own- but his cock had other ideas. It only saw me as a naked woman, a naked cum soaked slut who was ready to be fucked again, and it was more than ready to do the job.
“I don’t think-” I tried to say.
I was impressed with the cock of my son- if it was any other man, I would have already crossed the floor, and knelt down to take it into my mouth.
It isn’t some random man- it is James, your only son, your oldest, and if you do this, then you are the worst kind of slut!
“You wanted dick,” Brock said, directing the scene, “Well, what’s wrong with my homeboys’ dick?”
“Nothing,” I said, “It’s just that-”
“What, because he is White?” Brock said, “Look, bitch, all that racism bullshit is over with. You want to be a slut, then you get treated like one.”
What a way to advocate for racial harmony!
“It’s not because he is White,” I said.
It is because he is my son!



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