Deborah's Dilemma


Lady Devreux

Lady Devreux

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Deborah's Dilemma


Lady Devreux

Lady Devreux


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Deborah's older son left due to a crisis of faith. When he comes home, seemingly wanting to reform, she is happy to have him back. When she discovers that her son is leading his brother into sexual sin, how does this LDS mom confront them? After all, their salvation depends on it!
“How long has it been since you had sex?” Sarah asked me, her tone sounding less like a forceful bisexual predator, and more like a Bishop in an interview.
“Five years,” I said, looking over the details of her smooth young body, “Since Claude.”
“Have you ever been with a woman?” Sarah asked me, though I was certain that she knew the answer to this question without asking.
“No,” I confessed, “I have always kept all of the ordinances.”
The ordinances- the rules for morality, that were supposed to keep the faithful in line. These were the rules set down by those who were wiser than us, by the Prophet who revealed directly from the Father what we were supposed to do. They included not drinking, not smoking- and definitely not being involved in orgies!
Joseph Smith loved young women- so did Brigham Young- so how am I to resist?
“Hmm,” Sarah said, “I am surprised- well, then, you don’t have experience?”
“No,” I said, “Just the usual things between a man and wife, that is all.”
This girl was the teacher, and I was the student- she was the high priestess of this room, the one with all the answers to our dilemmas, and I was simply the saint seeking salvation at her hands!
Sarah suddenly knelt before me, on those thin knees of hers- fingers were now touching me gently, opening up the outer folds of my mature body. She kissed me gently around the sides of my lap, her mouth planting soft kisses on the soft flesh of my thighs, as her fingers prodded, and I moaned slightly.
“This is such a pretty pussy,” Sarah said, her blonde hair being the only thing I saw, “So it should not be wasted for time.”
No, it should not be- eternity was too long to wait!
I have been in the desert way too long- how could I have ever went without this?
Never before had I felt the pleasure of being licked, of having my mature pussy pleasured by anyone, male or female. I had not known what I had been missing, but now that I felt it, I knew that I never wanted to return to my sexless wandering through life!
Satisfied with the way that I tasted, or at least enough that she was ready to eat me, now two fingers were inside of me. Her tongue flicked against the button of my clit, as she was passionately showing me what she had learned and practiced with her sister. My butt was rising from the musty blankets, reflexively pushing my body upwards, grinding my pussy against her face. I was beyond this room- I was in a place that was neither reality nor fantasy, somewhere where the two worlds blended.
I felt a second hand on my head- it was a strong hand, a masculine hand- and as I turned my head, I saw that the swollen head of a very large cock was now pressed against my face. The swollen shaft fell against my lips, my eyes taking it in from the ridge along the base of the head to the point where a single drop of fluid seemed poised on the very tip. I of course knew where this cock was coming from- even though there were two possibilities, only one made sense.
Joseph, my first born!



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