Growing A Beard - The New Six-Pack


D. C. Duchy

D. C. Duchy

Growing A Beard - The New Six-Pack - Bookrepublic

Growing A Beard - The New Six-Pack


D. C. Duchy

D. C. Duchy


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There comes a time in every man's life when he wants to step up and take his manliness to the next level. Growing a beard is certainly one way to accomplish this.

Over the last decade, beards have made a big comeback and more and more men are sporting them. Growing and maintaining a beard is a philosophy and these days have become much of a lifestyle.

There can be various reasons for growing a beard and some of the reasons include a better masculine look which leads to boldness and confidence or maybe to gain respect, making you the center of attention.

Whatever the reason for your decision you must own it and continue to do so regardless of the skeptics as it gives you a distinct identity, a sense of ownership and at times make you feel superior compared to others. Be committed to growing a beard and do not listen to anybody.

As you begin the journey of growing your beard, you may look strange to your family and friends, maybe even others around you. These people will either criticize or support you, but more importantly, you should have your own mind and be absolutely committed without having a care in the world what anybody says about your facial appearance other than yourself.

Overall, beards have promoted dominance and prestige in the modern world. Growing a beard is a way of setting yourself apart from the rest of the male populous. Beards of today are symbolic, becoming an excellent way in starting a conversation.

This book will surely guide you to the right path on your beard growth journey and guaranteed in helping you achieve your desired results


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