Essential Oils And Thyroid


Christine Sherman

Christine Sherman

Essential Oils And Thyroid - Bookrepublic

Essential Oils And Thyroid


Christine Sherman

Christine Sherman


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It certainly does not make any sense to jump into listing the appropriate medications and treatment methods for thyroid disorders without first introducing the issue for which this guide revolves around. Therefore, the starting point will be to define the thyroid gland, explain its main functions, narrate some information about the main and most frequent encountered disorders of this gland. Along with this, we will also discuss the associated manifest symptoms, the expected complications and the conventional treatment methods currently being implemented in clinical medicine. 

The thyroid gland is known to be a butterfly-shaped organ situated onto the trachea and located on the anterior surface of your neck. It is one of the main endocrine glands that secretes two very essential hormones into your bloodstream. These hormones are known to be called briefly T3 and T4.

The T3 hormone, or scientifically known as triiodothyronine for containing three atoms of iodine, contributes mainly to controlling the metabolic rate of your body and the speed with which your body cells are operating. Triiodothyronine is secreted from your thyroid gland either directly, or is formed from the conversion of the T4 hormones by your body cells. T4 hormones, or scientifically thyroxine, altogether with the T3, take control of the metabolic efficiency and rate in your body. Metabolism comprises several processes such as the utilization of lipids and glucose to form or decompose fat tissues, to form or decompose glycogen and, therefore, to cause the expenditure and utilization of energy. It is represented by the gain and loss of calories which in turn result from a broad spectrum of activities such as physical exercises, food intake, sleeping, emotional stress and work that entails brain activity.


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