Hot New Filly On The Farm Gets Fucked


Studly Stallion , Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire

Hot New Filly On The Farm Gets Fucked - Bookrepublic

Hot New Filly On The Farm Gets Fucked


Studly Stallion , Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire


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Farmer Steve just brought her in: Crystal, the hot new Arabian filly. She pranced out of the horse trailer, held her head and tail high and trotted around the farm like she owned it.

I had to have her. Her hot, fertile body was so sleek, so gorgeous. I needed to feel how her tight, virgin filly cunt felt wrapped around my aching shaft.

Maybe if I was really lucky, she let me knock her up.


I was forking some hay to the horses when Farmer Steve backed in a new horse for the stable. Her name was Crystal and she was a very hot, young Arabian filly. Full of fire and potential, Steve asked me if I would look after her. You know, make sure she fit in with the others, gets her fair share of food and all that jazz.

But I had other ideas. See, I'd been banging Farmer Steve's mares for awhile now. And this one had it all. Sleek, brown ass, long, black tail and a mane to die for.

See, I know a secret that most guys don't: Horse's pussies are some of the hottest, wettest cunts around. And fillies were even tighter.

I could NOT wait until Steve had unloaded the new filly. When he did, I took my time getting to know her. Yeah, I wouldn't fuck a lady on a first date, so why should I fuck a filly on the first day?

Over the next few days I touched her all over her hot, leathery body, also making sure that she got used to me touching her nice, juicy cunt. She was coming into her first heat and just being near that ovulating filly pussy of hers got me so wound up I nearly couldn't sleep.

By the end of day three, she was literally eating out of the palm of my hand. She'd let me touch anywhere I wanted. Lift her tail, run my hands under her belly, inspect her teeth. Whatever I wanted. Some would call me the horse whisperer. But really, I call myself the filly fucker.

On the fourth day, I knew it was time. By this time Crystal was letting me slip a finger inside her succulent filly cunt. To be completely honest, I think she was actually enjoying it. She was also letting me kiss her nose and mouth.

We were ready to take our relationship to the next level.

That night, when Farmer Steve and his family were fast asleep, I slipped into the barn where the horses were kept, found the hot new filly's stall and quietly let myself inside.

"That's it, girl. It's just me..." I soothed her, rubbing my hands all over her sleek body. Usually I'd be with Lacy or Chelsea, but tonight it was time to break in the newest filly, Crystal.

My cock couldn't wait. I patted her all over, running my hands all over her back and withers and making sure she was completely calm. Just because I'd slipped a finger inside didn't mean she was going to be okay with my cock. I had to build up to it.

The suspension was killing me.


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