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EARN MONEY EXCESSIVELY IS A CRIME AGAINST THE PLANET AND THE GOSPEL. Here are dear readers a writing that involves the disparate opinion of the various ideologies that are a characteristic of man, and are part of life and our society. Each should have his say; each is in its own way right. Everyone can exalt their opinions, in order that they can express their concept freely, and can tell their own version of the facts; their own vision of "social issues". ... which finally belong to man. I present the past and the future; politics, society, art and culture. Brochure is a constructive dialogue (and everyone has the right to participate), which in the end, everything told is of enormous interest. Therefore in this issue you will find: (1)It is useless to run after wealth, the planet is dying and we are dying with it; (2) The dance of love in bubble; (3) They have exterminated the forests to enrich themselves and write shit; (4) Accumulating money when there are so many to spend is a crime against humanity; (5) what is wealth?; (6) We must spend in favor of the poor and not the rich; (7) Power comes from money; ( 8) I nstead; (9) T he c risis i s a c hoice w anted b y t he p owerful; ( I0) I dea! ( 11) if you accumulate money you are a criminal against humanity, against God, and against Jesus: (12) Why did they kill Jesus; (13) who killed Jesus? Etc. ... Etc. ... In this volume there are no bullshit written by the rich who think they know everything and instead know where to find girls to fuck, they don't know a DICK! Read and see.


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